What we set out to do

Digitizing higher education

We began our journey in early 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark. We embarked on a journey to build the service that we never had. “There has to be a smarter way to learn,” we thought.Curriculums are getting longer and longer, and our schedules are packed with all the things we have to do. TurnIvy is curated content that summarizes your university courses and boils them down to the essentials - available as audio and text. That is why we view TurnIvy as your 24/7 study buddy.
Tomas Zdychavsky - CEO, co-founder
Technology has advanced considerably and continues to do so. People use apps every day. With the TurnIvy app, we are emphasizing the use of technology to make learning easy and accessible. Available no matter if you are biking to campus, strolling around a city or vacationing poolside.
Gustav Nørrelund - CFO, co-founder

Who we are & contact

The TurnIvy Team

Tomas Zdychavsky

CEO, co-founder

Tomas has experience from working in sales, selling a variety of different products. Tomas is enrolled at Copenhagen Business School, studying Business Administration and Digital Management. Tomas is energized by his 5 daily shots of espresso, less so by his 5 siblings.

Gustav Nørrelund

CFO, co-founder

Gustav has prior experience in the insurance industry, as well as accounting. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School. Gustav placed an impressive #5 in the national championship in Spanish (out of 5).

Mikkel Pieler

CTO, co-founder

Mikkel has a bachelor in software development and is passionate about creating extraordinary UX. He has prior experience with building IT systems in large corporates and publishing apps. When not being at the office, Mikkel loves spending time powerlifting, gaming, and being with his beloved girlfriend.

Jonas Hansen

IT advisor

Jonas has experience with app development and complex backend systems from the healthcare industry. Jonas is currently finishing a master's degree in software engineering at Aalborg University. Jonas enjoys e-sports and biking. Preferably both in biking simulators.

Asbjørn Holmlund


Asbjørn has prior experience at Blazar Capital and has worked as a VC at VF Venture for the past two years. Asbjørn holds an MSc in Advanced Economics and Finance from CBS. Asbjørn enjoys reading books and playing tennis, although not simultaneously.